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Dive Medicine

Dive and maritime medicine training during a live-aboard diving expedition in some of the most beautiful areas of the Red Sea.


Spend eight days at sea undertaking up to 20 dives with rich marine life, didactic sessions and interactive discussions, simulations and more.

18 - 25 APRIL 2024


Are you looking to deepen your understanding of dive and maritime medicine, gain experience at sea on a multiday liveaboard expedition, dive remote locations which can’t be accessed on simple tour trips, or just have an awesome trip to see spectacular underwater life?  The WildMedix Dive Medicine Expedition is what you are looking for…

On 18 April 2024, we will embark on a privately chartered, modern, custom-built 125 ft motor yacht at Port Marsa Ghalib.  The next week will be spent aboard the vessel, sailing to the southernmost reefs in the Egyptian Red Sea, close to the border with Sudan.  Depending on the weather and water conditions, the dedicated yacht and diving crew will adjust our itinerary to include the best areas of the remote but vast St Johns’ Reef system, Fury Shoals, and various small islands in the region.  If possible, we may dive on the famous Elphinstone Reef and/or some isolated shipwrecks.  The undersea highlights of the trip could include some of the richest and most vibrant corals in the world, reef walls and swim-throughs, huge schools of fish, grey, silvertip and whitetip reef sharks, turtles, and even dolphins, hammerhead and whale sharks if we are lucky.  For those with energy and gills, it is possible to complete 20 or more dives on the trip, before we finally return to port on 25 April 2024.

Aboard the vessel you will be provided with shared cabins with air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms, all meals, and a dedicated team who will provide briefings and guide each dive.  There are two indoor saloons and both shaded sundeck as well as fly deck to relax between activities.  Unlike most trips, however, we are not just going to be diving and relaxing:  Your expedition fee includes a wilderness medicine training program with theoretical and practical components which cover the core topics in recreation dive medicine.  Expect to learn about medical problems at sea, the physics and physiology of humans under hyperbaric conditions, essentials of dive medicine, dive-related illnesses, discuss case scenarios and practice rescue techniques, and delve into dive tables and principles of recompression therapy.  By the end of the course, you should feel confident in providing medical services aboard recreational dive vessels.  For those undertaking the Fellowship in Wilderness Medicine, we will cover all core topics in the Dive & Hyperbaric Medicine domain.

While the course is aimed at medical professionals we also encourage suitably skilled volunteers with an interest in remote and wilderness medicine to join us.  We are also offering a dive-or-cruise-only option, where non-medical friends and family can join the expedition at a reduced cost.  Non-divers are also welcome – they can expect a very relaxing week of suntanning, camaraderie and good food aboard a very comfortable yacht.

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