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Real wilderness. Real training.

Real wilderness. Real training.

Real wilderness medical training. Intensive. Practical. Outside...

Dive Medicine

Dive Medicine

Dive Medicine Expedition 2023

Expedition medicine

Expedition medicine

Expedition based training courses for medical professionals in some of the most spectacular settings of the world.

Mountain environment

Mountain environment

Wild Medix delivers practical wilderness medical training in real wilderness environment.

Medical and rescue

Medical and rescue

Expert and up-to-date training for extreme situations and emergencies.

Wilderness incident management

Wilderness incident management

Practical scenario training with experienced instructors.

Desert environment

Desert environment

Emergency care training for remote areas including the desert environment.

Wild Medix is a dynamic South African company dedicated to providing specialised first aid and rescue training for wilderness, tactical and urban situations. Our services include: training, equipment supply, event medical support and consultation services. We are passionate about our courses because our training saves lives. Join us for a Wild Medix training experience. More than just a course.


Wild Medix realistic simulation training

Wilderness & Remote Environment

Wilderness First Responder training in Africa

Comprehensive range of quality first aid and safety courses for the home and workplace:

  First Aid Level 1

  First Aid Level 2

  First Aid Level 3

  Health & Safety Representative

  Basic Fire Fighting

Innovative, comprehensive and unequaled. Our courses aimed at those who work or play in the wilderness areas and remote parts of Africa:

  Wilderness First Aider

  Advanced Wilderness First Aider

  Wilderness First Responder

  Expedition Medicine Courses

  Wilderness Life Support MP

  Wilderness EMT (coming soon)



Tactical Emergency Casualty Care training in Africa

Developed for the South African situation our tactical first aid courses are aimed at prepared civilians and those who serve in dangerous environments alike:


  Tactical First Aid

  Tactical First Responder


Expedition Medicine

CPD & CPG Courses

Wild Medix Expedition Medic training in Africa
Wild Medix CPD CPG training South Africa

Pre-Med Academy

Wild Medix Pre-Med Academy Cape Town

Wilderness Medical Society accredited expedition medicine programmes run in some of the most spectacular locations on earth. Aimed at the medical and rescue professional:

  Mt Kenya Mountain Medicine

  Dive Medicine Expedition

  SA Canyoneering Medicine & Rescue

  SA Winter Mountain Medicine

  FAWM Lecture Series


Comprehensive range of quality courses for medical professionals to earn CPD points or complete the CPG upgrades for EMS providers.

  List of our CPD & CPG courses

  CPG Upgrade Courses

  AHA BLS for Health Care Providers


The Wild Medix Pre-Med Academy was founded to introduce high school learners and post-matrics to the world of medicine.

Whether you are certain about wanting to become a doctor, or still thinking about it, this bespoke course will offer some answers and teach you amazing skills while providing an ideal add-on to your CV when applying for medical school....

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