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FAWM Lecture Series

This programme is modelled on the 12 compulsory domains of the Fellowship in Wilderness Medicine (see for details) and will carry FAWM credits and CPD accreditation.  Each session will include a lecture, either from a Wild Medix team member or guest speaker, a case-based discussion and an electronic quiz with time for feedback and discussion. We've got some great speakers lined up for the year!

The lectures will be held at our venue in Montague Gardens, Cape Town.


19 January         

21 February       

14 March                  

23 May               

20 June               

25 July                   

29 August          

26 September

31 October

14 November

12 December


Expedition Medicine

Wilderness Emergencies & Trauma

Tropical & Travel Medicine

General Environmental Medicine

High Altitude & Mountain Medicine  

Survival, Fieldcraft & Equipment     

Safety, Rescue & Evacuation

Sports Medicine & Physiology

Preventative, Field Sanitation & Hygiene

Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine

Improvised & Alternative Medicine


Overview of Expedition Medicine

Canyoneering Injuries and Management

Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers

Heat Illness & Dehydration

Physics/physiology of altitude 

Cold weather hiking & trekking   

Overview of Search & Rescue

Exercise Physiology

Water purification methods

Overview of dive medicine

Improvised field wound management


Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Quiz 4

Quiz 5

Quiz 6 






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