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Safety, Health and Environment Representative


This is a unit standard aligned course.

Topics covered:

Module 1 Introduction to Health and Safety Representation

  • What is Health and Safety and Why is it applicable to my workplace

  • Key principles of Health and Safety

  • Definitions and Terms in Health and Safety

  • Evaluating importance of SHE Programs

  • The role of the SHE Rep in the company

  • Job description of the SHE Rep

  • Safety health and Environment Programs


 Module 2 Personal Protective equipment

  • What is Personal Protective equipment

  • Types of PPE

  • Maintenance and Storage of PPE

  • PPE Signage


Module 3 Application of Safety Health and Environmental Principles

  • Housekeeping Principles

  • Emergency procedures

  • Demarcation of Work areas

  • Environmental Management programmes

  • Understanding of the environment



Module 4 Legislation related to safety Health and Environment

  • History of Law

  • Definition of the Law

  • Health and Safety Law

  • OHS Act Definitions

  • Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Act 85/1993

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 85/1993

  • Relevant Case Law


Module 5 Hazard and Risk identification

  • Hazard and Risk

  • Objectives of Hazard identification and Risk assessment

  • Introduction of Risk Process

  • The risk assessment Process

  • Basic Steps

  • Indentify Hazards

  • Determine risk

  • Types of Risk assessment

      ·     Risk reduction

  • Methods of continuous risk assessment


Module 6 Monitoring and evaluating of Health Safety and Environmental programs

  • Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Areas to be monitored for compliance

  • Purpose of monitoring compliance to SHE requirements

  • Inspections

  • Conducting inspections

  • Planning the inspection

  • Follow up of inspections

  • Types of inspections

  • The evaluation process

  • The performance assessment

Course facts:



  5 - 7 Hours


  SA Department of Labour



Course facts:


  Single booking: R875.00pp

  Group prices on request


  Tuition; course notes

  CPR pouch

  Training equipment

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