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SA Winter Wilderness Medicine

Winter mountaineering and medicine training, in a beautiful and austere environment!  Although South Africa lacks any true alpine environments, the increasing popularity of outdoor pursuits and extreme sports is encouraging people to seek adventure in the high, cold wilderness around the world. 


To be a safe participant, and a safe wilderness/expedition medic, you need to have knowledge of and skills for all conditions you may encounter.  After last year’s success, we are proud to be presenting another winter wilderness medicine course aimed precisely at meeting these needs, and bringing world-class wilderness medical education to South Africans.

Some of the topics covered (theory and/or practical) include:

- Physics and physiology of altitude

- Overview of altitude disorders

- Mountain medicine in extreme environments

- Overview of avalanche risk & rescue

- Cold weather mountaineering

- Winter survival techniques

- Wilderness survival

- Snow shelters

- Extreme weather

- Survival signalling

- Overview of search and rescue

- Physiology of heat exchange

- Cold physiology

- Hypothermia and cold injuries

- Injuries from winter mountain sports

- Improvisation in the wilderness

- Wilderness trauma management

- Scenarios and case studies


Activities are adjusted to the amount of snow/ice present at the time of the course. The course is FAWM accredited. (See

Dates: 24 - 28 July 2019

Venue: Matroosberg Reserve, near Ceres



  • SA Winter Wilderness Medicine
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